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zSpace STEM Apps
zSpace Studio

Studio is zSpace’s rich model exploration and presentation tool allowing students to compare, dissect, analyze, measure, annotate and explore thousands of 3D models from zSpace Model Gallery or 3D models created by students.

zSpace Newton's Park

Newton's Park offers learners the ability to build experiments, alter experiments, or learn through experiments created by the zSpace Teaching Team, to deepen their knowledge of Newtonian Mechanics. Learners can build simulations, change gravity, stop and reverse time while gathering data and interact with the data to discover the real physics behind the movement of the objects.

Leopoly 3D

Leopoly provides an easy, early training ground to introduce students to the world of 3D creation, as well as helping them to create, customize, and prepare digital objects for 3D printing. With Leopoly, anyone can become a 3D designer. Students can browse through thousands of 3D models for inspiration and also customize or design objects by working individually or in teams. 

Franklin's Lab

Franklin's Lab offers activities to guide student learning and a sandbox with components to build circuits: wires, resistors, LEDs, a lightbulb and motor. Activities in Franklin's Lab provide learning experiences to introduce the concepts of electricity as well as opportunities to troubleshoot broken circuits. Students will identify broken components of switches and motors to repair circuits. 

Cyber Science

Cyber Science is a comprehensive package of detailed, interactive virtual dissection experiences focused on aiding in the learning and exploration of Human Anatomy, Botany, Zoology, Earth Science, Microbiology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Paleontology.

zSpace Euclid's Shapes

Euclid's Shapes offers learning activities with math manipulatives and provides access to manipulatives for teachers to guide math learning. Engage with Base 10 blocks, Rainbow Cubes (which can also be snap cubes), Square Tiles, Pattern Blocks and Fraction Bars in zSpace today! 

zSpace Curie's Elements

Curie's Elements provides a periodic table for exploration with Bohr and atomic models of each element. The atom builder allows students to add protons, neutrons and electrons to build elements. Included with Curie's Elements are learning activities to introduce atomic structure and groups and trends of the periodic table. 


With GeoGebra and zSpace, students can better engage math concepts related to three-dimensional topics while also having access to all of GeoGebra's features. GeoGebra is available to all zSpace users for no charge. 

  • Build 3D shapes

  • Discover cross-sections 

  • Explore math concepts from pre-made, existing curriculum materials on

  • Create new interactive math materials to use in class and to share with others

  • Collaborate with teachers across the US and worldwide through the GeoGebra and zSpace community

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