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For Librarians...

Libraries that adapt to the changing approaches to knowledge seeking and gathering will continue to thrive by combining traditional library functions with 21st century methodologies.


Is a bookless library becoming a reality?  The pages of a book shield us from the bombardment of all those distractions on the internet. Immersion in a story or an argument promotes deeper comprehension and deeper learning.


Embracing new technologies doesn't mean we must throw out older technologies.  It is not an either-or decision.  Television did not replace the radio...The tangibility of a traditional book allows the hands and figers to take over much of the navigational burden so your mind is free to immerse yourself in the story.  It is in the quiet private spaces where learning occurs.

Most of us are on the Internet on a daily basis and whether we like it or not, the Internet is affecting us. It changes how we think, how we work, and it even changes our brains.  Nicholas Carr, the author of, "The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains," about how the Internet is influencing us, our creativity, our thought processes, our ideas, and how we think.

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains...

Libraries Past...Libraries Future

School Libraries in Action (1961)...

Re-imagining Your School Library...a "learning commons".  A resource-rich, flexible, inviting stimulating learning space, driven by interest, choice, and questioning.


The Learning Commons integrates the new and the old in a seamless physical and virtual space in which all formats can be assimilated and studied. The Learning Commons liberates the exploration of ideas and concepts, encouraging inquiry, imagination, discovery and creativity through the connection of learners to information, to each other and to communities around the world.   VISION:  the Learning Commons creates a network of information, people and programs for learning within a school and beyond. Universal access ensures that learning is within reach of everyone at all hours... day or night.

The Doorway to Information Website Model


Resources for School Librarians


Requirements for School Library Programs:  Summary by State

The Man who Sneezed

Onyango Owino is a seasoned storyteller and actor. He is part of the Zamaleo Storytelling Act and performs regularly at schools.

The curious history of filming the sneeze | BBC Ideas

It turns out our fascination with capturing the act of sneezing goes right back to the very early days of film...

We Need Librarians More Than Ever...

I often hear people ask, “If we have the Internet, why do we still need librarians?”  

It’s true that the information landscape has changed. It is easier than ever to create a work and publish it to the world and with a tap of a button, we access information from anywhere at any time. 

But actually, that’s why librarians are more vital than ever. 

Most of us are on the Internet on a daily basis and whether we like it or not, the Internet is affecting us. It changes how we think, how we work, and it even changes our brains.

How stories shape our minds | The science of storytelling | BBC Ideas

We explore the science of storytelling and the power of stories to shape our minds - how stories make us human, why stories matter, and why stories are important in our lives. Books are incredibly powerful. We look at what happens inside the brain when you read.  

BBC Ideas Video Collection


Pixar in a Box: Introduction to Storytelling

Welcome to storytelling! Check out all of the lessons in this series at:

Good News for School Libraries....

Victory for School Libraries in Amendment to ESEA, Passed in Senate


The U.S. Senate voted 98 to zero in favor of the bipartisan Reed-Cochran Amendment to S. 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015. This amendment makes effective school library programs part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

“Knowing how to find and use information are essential skills for college, careers and life in general,” Reed said. “A good school library, staffed by a trained school librarian, is where students develop and hone these skills. In too many communities, libraries are neglected or considered an afterthought amidst the many other worthy education priorities competing for funding. But we know that school library programs can have a positive impact on student achievement.”

TED-Ed Lesson Worth Sharing:

Creating Your Own Vision for your Library...

  • Your library online...virtual learning space...connecting globally

  • Provide homework help on your website...
  • Reconsidering physical learning space...allow multiple spaces for individual, small group, and whole class learning
  • Not only to serve up information, include the experience of fueling this journey to knowledge... 
  • Look critically at your library it designed around the need to learn to learn?
  • Imagine ways to improve your students lives in ways they have not thought of...
  • A space where students are free to create and share...
  • As learning partners...
  • Supporting readers...
  • Supporting Inquiry...
  • And using technology in learning
  • Create online learning spaces that utilize social media concepts...

  • Invest in e-books, databases, video-streaming and other relevant digital resources...creating a collaboratively virtual library collection

  • Collect and supply tutorials for all learners including professional learning networks...building a virtual collection of professional reading materials and website

CLICK on Icon to log-in to OverDrive!

Explore our Digital Library through OverDrive...Click on the icon above and with your username and password you can access our extensive online library and soon be curled up with your next ebook in minutes!


Should parents or other adults be able to ban books from schools or libraries? Why or why not?  Should those books be banned or restricted? Explain your answers. - Is book banning censorship? Why or why not?


With Rising Book Bans, Librarians Have Come Under Attack

Caustic fights over which books belong on the shelves have put librarians at the center of a bitter and widening culture war.


Position Statement on the Censorship of Books in School Libraries In Tennessee

The Tennessee Association of School Librarians stands in solidarity with our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander school librarian colleagues.  We are committed to continuing to advocate for these communities in our libraries and professional practices.    #StopAsianHate  #StopAAPIHate

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 2.43.28 PM.png

Welcome Back!

We are all scheduled to meet at CMS in the Library Media Center for our Professional Development from 8:00 until 11:00 a.m. on the 1st of August.  

FOCUS:  "Great Expectations" How to make our unique service the best it can be...


Our Agenda:

  • I'd like everyone to consider the past academic year and be ready to share with the group something they did with their library program that was amazing and actually worked!  This will benefit everyone present and hopefully will help punctuate our time together with more valued, practical advice and ideas to take back to our own libraries...  

  • What does a highly effective school librarian look like today?   

  1. Colorado School Libraries

  2. What is a Highly Effective School Librarian PDF

  3. ALA Students Reach Greater Heights with School Librarians - Infographic

  4. School Library Advocacy Template - Template to Edit

  5. AASL:  School Librarians as Learning Leaders:  An Administrator's Guide

  6. Colorado Survey Report 2022-2023 for School Libraries

  • Showcase the ClassVR headsets and their value as teaching tools...

  • Strategies for Creating an Autism-Friendly Library...33.18...showcase library orientation video...focus on what the child can do!  Sensory Break Area...noise cancelling headphones

  • Autism and Neurodiversity:  Different Does Not Mean Broken by Adriana White

In this talk, Adriana discusses the idea of neurodiversity. Many people are labeled incorrectly because their brains are wired differently. Adriana offers awareness and an alternative way to see people as unique and valuable, regardless of their neuro-diversity. Adriana White is an autistic librarian, former special education teacher, and children’s book writer. After being diagnosed with autism and anxiety in her 30s, Adriana now advocates for more inclusive schools and libraries. Her writing on neurodiversity and mental health in children’s books has appeared in KQED’s MindShift and We Need Diverse Books, and she advises educators and librarians about the importance of these books through workshops and presentations. Adriana has a Master’s in Education with a specialization in Special Education, and a Master’s in Library and Information Science with a certificate in Storytelling. She is a staff editor for the website A Novel Mind, [Database for Books for Diverse students] and writes a bimonthly column for Geek Club Books. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) tasked the 2023 ALA Emerging Leaders Team A with a project to develop materials that support professional development and instruction around the Inquire Shared Foundation in the National School Library Standards. Cultivating a culture of inquiry goes farther than teaching research skills and the act of asking good questions. This collection of activities and web resources, pushes school librarians, educators, and learners to consider the importance of the process of inquiry and is loaded with ideas for embedding the act of inquiry into everything you do with your learners. Visit

  • Share details of any visit to an impressive/inspirational library researched online or in person over the summer...

  • Service Orientation:  More empathic and compassionate towards all of our students

  • Review present School Board Policies concerning challenges to library materials; become familiar with the State of Tennessee's current laws for school libraries and watch part of the Future Ready Librarians® Webinar – Being Prepared for Selection Policy Concerns

  • State of Tennessee Recent Bills

“Age Appropriate Materials Act,” which requires each public and public charter school to maintain a list of materials in the library collection, and periodically review items to ensure they are appropriate for students’ age and maturity levels, and remove anything inappropriate. 

House approves bill targeting publishers for sending schools sexually explicit books...

The Tennessee House of Representatives approved Senate Bill 1059 in a 71-22 vote. It already passed the Senate last week, and now heads to Lee’s desk.  Sponsored by Rep. Susan Lynn, R-Mt. Juliet, and Sen. Joey Hensley, R-Hohenwald, the bill would empower local district attorneys and the Tennessee Attorney General to criminally charge and prosecute book publishers who knowingly distribute materials that violate state obscenity law to public schools and school districts. 

This bill makes it a Class E felony for a book publisher, distributor or seller to knowingly sell or distribute “obscene matter” to a public school serving any of the grades K-12. A Class E felony carries a sentence of one to six years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $3,000.

In addition to the punishment for a Class E felony, this bill makes it so that a person who sells or distributes “obscene matter” to a public school will be fined at least $10,000, but not more than $100,000. The bill does not specify what constitutes “obscene matter.”

  1. SB 1059

  2. HB 0841

  3. HB 1944

  • The District would like us to update the PDF inventories we uploaded to the CCS website of our present collections, as well.  

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Toledo Ohio Public Library

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