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Country Information...

Cultural Appreciation of Chosen Country of Study

"Mr. Bean's Holiday" offers insights into the predicaments travellers often have as they explore a new country.



What do you know already about the country you have chosen to study...


What would you like to know about the country you have chosen to study...


REVIEW iBabel Goals...

For the month of March, you will be exploring the country of your chosen language of study.  In your research be sure to cite the source from which you have gathered the information.  Keep notes on the most relevant details that you will be wanting to share in your two minute presentation.







Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Find out if any of these amazing structures are located in your chosen country of study!



Find out the United Nations economic ranking of your chosen country...



Movie Trailer "Mr Bean in the Library"  or "How not to conduct research!"


As you are learning about your country take notes of curious details that are unique to that culture. You may use Evernote as a way of keeping track of these facts.  You may access it from any computer or the iPad in class, through your own personal email address and password.  Be sure in your research to give credit to the source of your information. And write it out in keeping with the MLA style.







Select from the stamp tin, a stamp from your country of study and determine the significance of the picture on the stamp.



TED Talks...does language affect behavior?  Find out more...

Keith Chen:  Could your language affect your ability to save money?

Watch the video...

iMovie Tutorials.

For the month of April, we will be gathering all of the information to present in a two-minute iMovie Presentation.  


  • You will need to watch the tutorial to become familiar with the program and how to use its editing features to create your presentation.  


Language study and acquisition develops your intellect and encourages you to engage in critical reflection—about the world and its many cultures and about your own language and culture.  More importantly it promotes and encourages respect for other peoples.




I. Standard Number 2 (Goal Two): Cultures - Students gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures


Level 1: Standard 4: Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the culture.  


  • Examine cultural differences (e.g. Identify similar holidays, foods and customs that the two cultures share and then identify some differences in celebration.


  • Identify the major geographical features of countries or regions where the target language is spoken. (e.g. Create a topographical map; List major cities, capitals and regions of a country where the target language is spoken).


  • Identify key historical events in target cultures. (e.g. Name important leaders who carried out political or social reforms; Draw a timeline of important historical events of countries where the target language is spoken).


Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied and their own.

a. Identify similar and different behavioral patterns, including the use of non-verbal gestures, between the target culture and the student's own culture. (e.g. Identify similarities and differences in teacher-student relationships in the target culture; Describe similarities and differences in behaviors such as greetings, attire, shopping and ordering food).

b. Identify the similarities and differences in cultural reaction to local and world issues. (e.g. Read newspaper articles in both languages about current events).

c. Recognize cultural stereotyping. (e.g. Discuss students' impressions of the target culture; Identify problems associated with stereotyping).

Mystery Monument...

For each lesson we have together in March there will be a "mystery monument" for you to name.  You will need to determine this monument's country of origin, and details concerning its history...


"World Monument"

"World Monument"

Can you identify the country where it is located?

"World Monument"

"World Monument"

Can you identify this monument and where it is located?

"World Monument"

"World Monument"

Can you identify this monument and where it is located?

"World Monument"

"World Monument"

Can you identify this monument and where it is located?

"World Monument"

"World Monument"

Can you identify this monument and where it is located?

"World Monument"

"World Monument"

Can you identify this monument and where it is located?

Mr. Bean has a funny way to celebrate his Christmas.

Find out what holidays are celebrated in your country, research special foods, customs, and historical significance of these festivities.  Compare such holiday celebrations to your own cultures.

Judo is a well-known martial arts taught in Japan and in Korea.  Find out what sport is popular in your chosen country of study!

Mr. Bean has some fun on a military training facility.  Consider how the military is perceived in the country of your study and how it has served through that country's history.  Explore the punishments given for breaking laws, such as parking violations and more...

Consider the leaders of your chosen country.  What kind of government is there a royal family?  

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