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A Cultural and Language Study of Folk Tales

Grade/Level: 8th


Focus Question:  The goal of the lesson is for students to learn more about the culture that their foreign language is spoken in and then take the knowledge they have learned and share it with their classmates in a creative way.


The goal of the lesson is to be able to use the knowledge they have gained from their foreign language and use it share with the class a folk tale from one of the countries their language is spoken in.


Lesson Objective:  * Students will be able to conduct research on a country and culture where their foreign language is spoken responsibly.* Students will be able to use the words they have learned from their foreign language to paraphrase a folktale from a country of their choice.* Students will be able to use creative ways to share their culture and folktale with their classmates through Readers’ Theatre.




Procedures/Learning Tasks: The students will then be given the chance to either look through the library books provided or search theinternet to find a folktale from their chosen country. Once they have found the folktale they would like to use they must paraphrase/summarize the folktaleinto a 2-3 minute presentation for their classmates. They will be given the opportunity to work with one other person who is learning their same language ifthey choose to do so. They can then decide what format they would like to present the folktale; story, poem, song or play. They will be given three class periods to work on their final project. As they paraphrase/summarize the folktale they must substitute words in the folktale with words that they have been learning in their foreign language. They cannot just use a program to translate the whole folktale into their foreign language. Each student must use one prop that they have made or brought from home to use during their presentation. Each student or pair of students must have a written script to provide for the teacher before they present before the class. If they choose they can provide background music from their culture and a background to display on the screen during their presentation. Creativity on their project will be rewarded.



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Variety of library books with folktales

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