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Please feel free to add a comment to any written blog or create your own entry to further our enjoyment of this interactive tool. Remember, however, to follow a few simple rules: 1. Please use only your first name and the initial for your last name in all of your entries 2. Show respect at all times 3. Keep what you say within our usual standards of decency 4. Be reflective and interesting in your comments; tell what the book is about; describe the setting; describe the main character and the main problem or conflict the character has to solve and be sure to tell if you liked or did not like the story and give reasons for your opinion. 5. Do not give away the ending of the story 6. Write using proper English [no text messaging] and correct spelling 7. Be sure to indicate your grade level after your entry 8. One star is a poor rating; Five stars is an awesome rating; and everything in between is incremental levels of fair to good 9. Remember to give the title of the book and the author’s full name

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