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Internet Dream

In the Library Media Center we started a lively discussion concerning the pros and cons of the Internet. We revealed the Internet’s dark side, mentioning identity theft, scams and the ease of copying and pasting leading to the problem of widespread plagiarism and the illegal use of others creative works. We also discussed how most of the Internet is made up of people expressing their “biases” or “opinions”. All of this makes it quite difficult to come across reliable factual information on the internet. The value of Databases such as TEL and Library of Congress as examples of reliable internet sources were promoted as invaluable digital libraries to begin any factual searches...

So, considering how challenging it is to navigate safely through the many deceptions lurking on the internet, becoming a "digital spy" can help. Using you sleuthing strategies, it is possible to find a wealth of amazing information such as scholarly journals, tutorials, documentaries, and online books.

It has taken about twenty years to come up with the present version of the internet. Try projecting into the future, twenty years from now, to the year 2034. How would you like to see the internet...what is your Internet Dream?

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